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JM-2S80 Slimming & Shaping Beauty Equipment

  • 国/地域: 台湾
  • 都市: 台北
  • 連絡窓口: Mrs. Jean Tien
  • Tel: 886-2-25377583
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JM-2S80 Slimming & Shaping Beauty Equipment

製品カテゴリ 装置の細く,美装置及びApparatus/n.e.s。,美の器械
販売方法 輸出,製造,卸売,OEM/ODM,サービス
支払の言葉 T/T,一覧でL/C
最低順序: 5 セット



  • 中国(本土)
  • JM-2S80
  • CE. PSE. ISO 13485.
  • 01/03/2017


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  • 以内 45 Days
  • 1 SET/CTN
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製品仕様書 / 特徴

JM-2S80 Slimming & Shaping Beauty Equipment
Synergistic use of energy:
The Device employs four technologies including infrared, Bipolar RF, Vacuum, Massage mechanism.
Mechanical Manipulation (Vacuum+/-Massage mechanism)
Heating (infrared+radio frequency energy)
Convenient 10-treatment protocol, ideal slimming device for circumference reduction.
Visible results in as few as 1 treatment session.
Treat an average size abdomen, buttocks or thighs in 20 minutes.
Offers treatment as comfortable as human massage with specially designed vacuum and roller.
Delivers optimal results for treating both the deeper tissue and skin's surface.
Control System: 8" TFT touch screen
IR Spectrum: 940nm
RF Frequency: 1MHz
Vacuum Mode: pulse
Applicator QTY: 4
IC card function: Optional
Gross Weight: 75KG
Dimension: 58x68x128cm
Electrical Specification: 110V ~ 230V, 50/60Hz; single phase
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