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HT20-80G Beam Cloth Cheese Cone Yarn Dyeing Machine

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HT20-80G Beam Cloth Cheese Cone Yarn Dyeing Machine

製品カテゴリ 織物の染まる機械
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  • THAIZHOU , 江蘇 , 中国(本土)
  • HT20-80g
  • HTAI
  • 11/02/2019


  • Wooden Case
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製品仕様書 / 特徴

HT20-80g Beam Cloth Cheese cone yarn dyeing machine

Patent No.:201410145073.X 201420175358.3 201420175408.8

Introduction :
Huaxia company designs a new generation beam cloth cheese tester with the advantages of double-cylinder dyeing machine. As a four-cylinder cheese dyeing machine with four cups in each cylinder, this tester is applicable to simultaneous dyeing for textile fabrics with weight with 20-80g and different bath rates. It will complete cycling of dye liquor without water pump with injection pressure adjustable. It allows dyeing, washing, reduction of washing, and neutralization, soft, dyestuff test and so on.
Dyeing fabric and yarn:
Fabric,Yarn,Acrylic,Polyester,Fiber,Cotton,Rayon,Knitted fabric,woven fabrics.

1.Dyeing combination compatibility.
2.Dependence of dye combination with auxiliary.
3.Levelness of auxiliary with dye combination.
4.Residual liquid detection of gray fabric and gray yarn,white contrast.
5.Test degree of gray fabric and gray yarn dyeing.
6.Water quality test to contrast color brilliance.

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