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Lift Massage Chair 6104

  • 国/地域: 台湾
  • 連絡窓口: Mr. Falcon Chen
  • Tel: 886-4-7793313
  • ファクシミリ: 886-4-7793102

Lift Massage Chair 6104

製品カテゴリ マッサージの椅子,電気マッサージャー
販売方法 輸出,製造,卸売,OEM/ODM,サービス,小売り
支払の言葉 T/T,一覧でL/C,D/D
最低順序: 5 部分



  • Changhua , 台湾
  • 6104
  • CE
  • 05/07/2019


  • はい
  • はい
  • 500 部分 / 年
  • Taichung
  • 3 Cartons
  • ** (cm)

製品仕様書 / 特徴

Lift Massage Sofa, base on the design of the leisure chair in our living room, could be a part of decoration in the house. Not being awkward to put a soft lift chair at home.
You can take a nap on this chair with vibration massage to release your body whenever you want, just push the button to turn on the functions you need on this chair.
It is also very helpful for the family which has the elders, it takes less effort for the knees while standing up or sitting down. Lifting up the chair seat before you sit or lifting up the chair seat when you're going to leave the chair. Make an easy life for the elders.


* Sit down/get up without effort; a good helper for the elderly & long-term care 2.0 plan.
* Ergonomic design allowing you feel most relaxed from head to toe.
* Full range of massage modes.
* Massage modes including rolling, kneading & tap-kneading.
* Point massage for shoulders, back, & waist.
* Fixed roller design purporting to correct spine posture.
* Seat cushion with vibrating massage.
* Foot kneading & foot sole roller massage design.
* Modern stylish sofa design.
*Leatherette maintenance and cleaning n and clean leatherette is easy to maintain and clean.
* Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
* The best companion for taking a rest or lunch break.
* 100% Made in Taiwan.
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