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Coin Or Bill Operated Vending Massage Chair

  • 国/地域: 台湾
  • 連絡窓口: Mr. Falcon Chen
  • Tel: 886-4-7793313
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Coin Or Bill Operated Vending Massage Chair

製品カテゴリ マッサージの椅子,硬貨によって作動させるゲーム
販売方法 輸出,製造,卸売,OEM/ODM,サービス
支払の言葉 T/T,一覧でL/C
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  • Changhua , 台湾
  • 1728
  • Hsin Hao
  • CE
  • 05/07/2019


  • Taichung
  • 3 Cartons
  • ** (cm)

製品仕様書 / 特徴

Low voltage vending massage chair generation is coming!

This chair provides a safe massage environment with build-in 24V components. Not only great news for user, prevent from electric shock, also a good help for the maintenance guy to have a better repairing environment.

Various massage ways with control panel with buttons, you can have different choices to adjust the chair to have most suitable way for personal experience.

When you use the vending massage chair with control panel, you would be just like using massage chair at home; you can have your own massage while adjusting the intensity of massage.

If people feel very tired after a long time of using computer in the week day, they can have upper back massage to release the soreness of neck and shoulders when they're shopping at mall in the weekend. After satisfied shopping schedule, some people might feel exhausted especially in both legs. Just increase the intensity of air bags massage and speed up the leg massager, and full air bags in calf unit give the user strong massage for legs. Plus the massage rollers on the calf of the leg, it provides best way to release the pressure of legs. Provide both fun and relax in the weekend.

Enjoy omnibearing massage experience via versatile vending massage chair. Gives different massages for different needs.

* Low voltage to provide a safe operation environment.
* Massage actions: kneading, tapping, tap-kneading, rolling.
* Massage area options: Full back, Upper back, Lower back.
* Intensity adjustable buttons:
* 5 levels of adjustable massage intensity.
* 3 levels of adjustable air bags massage intensity.
* 3 levels of adjustable leg massager speed.
* Chair back reclining automatically while doing massage.
* Ergonomic S back and S track robotic back massage.
* 6 massage balls deliver massage actions.
* 4 Spine-remedy rollers purporting posture correction.
* Armrest fitted with display windows showing current remaining massage time, massage movement & massage area.
* Coin / Bill identification, timer & beeper system.
* Coin / Bill to feed and volume of warning voice for non paying patron.
* Coin acceptability: Accepting any kind of coin or token circulating globally.

Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: 30 day
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