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Corona Resistance Polyimide Film (Kapton CR)

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Corona Resistance Polyimide Film (Kapton CR)

製品カテゴリ 絶縁材及び要素
販売方法 輸出,製造,OEM/ODM
支払の言葉 T/T,一覧でL/C



  • テンシン , テンシン , 中国(本土)
  • CPI
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  • ISO 9001; UL Lab
  • 10/23/2012


  • Xingang,China
  • cartons or wooden case

製品仕様書 / 特徴

Corona resistance polyimide films ,not only with ordinary polyimide film electrical properties, good heat resistance and resistance chemicals, but also with the super corona resistance and good thermal conductivity performance, mainly apply to sintering electromagnetic winding wire ,traction motor, wind generators, and the special motor turn-to-turn insulation and heat insulation, the heat resistance level is a class C.
The technical requirements
1. Type
CR type: Corona resistance polyimide film without any coating
FCR type: Corona resistance polyimide film with F46 single side coating
FCRF type: Corona resistance polyimide film with F46 double side coating
2. Appearance
its appearance is golden brown, translucent, the surface is bright and clean, no wrinkles, tear, particles, bubble, pinhole and foreign material defects. Its edge is tidy, and without damage.
3. Thickness and allowable deviation
Model CR type FCR type FCRF type
Thickness(um) 25 38 50
Allowable deviation(um) ±2 ±3 ±3
Note: coating thickness may be based on customer demand in 5 ~ 12.5 um range regulation.
4. Width and allowable deviation
Width may cut according to the customer request within 600 -1050 mm. Each volume length is for 500-1000 m; Each volume joints for final product are not more than three, the proportion of volumes with joints vs the total volumes number in the one order is not more than 25%,the shortest length is more than 300 m; Single plate or roll products joint numbers are not more than three, the shortest length is more than 300 m.
FCR type and FCRF type using thermal bonding lap.
5. Film marks:
-Every single volume label marked: batch number, specification, net weight;Every single plate or roll labeling: specification.
-Package should have obvious and firm mark;
-The format of the packing cases is confirmed by purchase order related terms.
Serial Number Type CR FCR FCRF
1 Corona resistance life (h)
1 KV voltage, frequency 20 KHz
temperature 90°C ±2 ℃
pulse rise time 400 ns



2 Industrial frequency electric intensity (v/um) ≥200 ≥120 ≥100
3 Surface resistivity (Ω) 1X1014 1X1014 1X1014
4 Volume resistivity (Ω. Cm) 1 1X1010 1X1010 1X1010
5 Relative permittivity (48-62 Hz ac) 3.2±0.4 3.2±0.4 3.2±0.4
6 Dielectric power factor (48-62 Hz ac) ≤3.5X10-3 ≤3.5X10-3 ≤3.5X10-3
7 Tensile strength (Mpa) : ≥135 ≥80 ≥80
8 Elongation at break (%) ≥40 ≥40 ≥40
9 Hot shrinkage rate (%)
150 ℃,0.5h
400℃, 0.5h ≤1.0 ≤3.0 ≤1.0
≤3.0 ≤1.0
1. Testing method: According to the ICE62068-1-2003/ GB /T13542.6-2006 "electrical insulation, part 6," “Polyimide film for electrical insulation “regulation experimental method.
2. Film packaging: Film roll with plastic film packaging, outer with shockproof foam cushion packaging, and support in place in the package overhead, make the film in the transportation conditions often get fully protected without damage, each volume end article sticker marking.
Quantity Per Month: 20 tons
Patent No./Country: N/A
HS Code: 3920920000
SIC Code: N/A
Delivery Way - Date Of Delivery: 15 days after PO
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