BZ Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.

  • 国/地域: 中国(本土)
  • 地域: 河北
  • 都市: ホンシュイ
  • 連絡窓口: Mrs. Blanche
  • Tel: 086-318-7757123
  • ファクシミリ: 086-318-7757122


BZ Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988.Through many years of development and expansion,it has been become a specialized factory integrated with wire drawing, wire twisting, weaving and furthur processing. The factory has strong technical force, strict internal management,scientific technology and wide variety of products using high-quality raw materials, which include:stainless steel wire mesh, iron cloth,barbed wire,chain link fence, crimped mesh,architectural decoration net, conveyor belt, metalbasket, wire rope and Flexible SS Cable Mesh, welded wire mesh, expanded metal mesh, perforated metal mesh etc., mainly used in pe... [ Click for detail ]

会社名 BZ Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.
生産地 中国(本土)
国家/地域 河北
都市 ホンシュイ
住所 Hezhuang Industry Zone , Anping County, Hebei Province, China 053600
Tel 086-318-7757123
ファクシミリ 086-318-7757122
連絡窓口 Mrs. Blanche