Jetsheen Enterprise Co., Ltd.

  • 国/地域: 台湾
  • 都市: 対楠
  • 連絡窓口: Iris
  • Tel: 886-06-5705168-Ext
  • ファクシミリ: 886-06-5705088-Ext


Jetsheen Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. From the beginning, we specialized in automotive fuel filter design, development and production. Our 5, 000 square meter facility can manufacture and test over 800, 000 filters per month. Our stringent quality assurance program allowed us to obtain our ISO9001 certification in March 1999. But with this in hand, we don't plan to stop our continued technology and testing improvements. Our product catalog and cross-reference guide contain matching fuel filters for 1000+ automobile models. And we also specialize in OEM/Customer product development. We can develop the specifications, make a mold, ... [ Click for detail ]

Jetsheen Enterprise Co., Ltd.
会社名 Jetsheen Enterprise Co., Ltd.
生産地 台湾
都市 対楠
住所 No. 2-95, Ma Kou, Li, Madou Dist., Tainan, Taiwan
Tel 886-06-5705168-Ext
ファクシミリ 886-06-5705088-Ext
ジッパー/通知コード 721
連絡窓口 Iris