Ming Hong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

  • 国/地域: 台湾
  • 都市: Taichung
  • 連絡窓口: Mrs. Daryl Chang
  • Tel: 886-4-2265-1137
  • ファクシミリ: 886-4-2265-1055


Since 1976, Ming Hong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., founded by Mr. Chen Te Chang, was specialized not only in Plastic Mould Development and Manufacture, but also at plastic injection and assembling. Our production includes computer parts, toys, colorful mobile phone covers, stationery...etc. More than 20 years innovation and effort, Ming Hong enjoy high reputation in the field. In 1996, with the enthusiasm for golf sport, President Chen Te Chang started to develop and produce various golf accessories to improve golfer's skill. Most of productions were granted Patents from USA, Japan, UK, Italy, Taiwan, and China. Based on innovation spirit,... [ Click for detail ]

Ming Hong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
会社名 Ming Hong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
生産地 台湾
都市 Taichung
住所 No. 2, Suyi 1 Street, South District, Taichung City,Taiwan
Tel 886-4-2265-1137
ファクシミリ 886-4-2265-1055
ウェブサイト http://www.myhonorgolf.com
ジッパー/通知コード 40241
連絡窓口 Mrs. Daryl Chang