Ta Sun Good Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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  • 国/地域: 台湾
  • 都市: Kaohsiung
  • 連絡窓口: Mr. Ming Shan Wu
  • Tel: 886-7-3730088
  • ファクシミリ: 886-7-3730199
会社情報 TSD was founded in 1994, to precision mechanical components machining for the Foundation for development and their own brand names, become professional mechanical transmission group (Flexible Couplings) and precision slipway (mini stage, servo table) manufacturer, offering a range of automated machinery and equipment for precision positioning and accurate transmission needs. To be honest-fast-charge-solid business concept and customers grow together.

Meaning of the brand
The name derives from the company TA SUN GOOD abbreviation. The implicit meaning to, every morning (Earth are warm sun embrace wakes up, surrounded by happy day ", wishes. Italian period customers use TSD products and create new value, new competition, becoming the market winner; also hopes TSD into an innovation and technology, creating a win-win market winners.

Company History
1994 Ta Sun Good enterprise Co.,Ltd.was established

1994 TSD registration of trademark use

1995 Production and sales of coupling, precision stage table

2007 ISO 9001:2000 Lead-in iten

2008 ISO 9001:2000 The design, makes the double authentication to pass

2008 The product Rohs environmental protection authentication passes

2011 ISO 9001:2008 The design, makes the double authentication to pass
ビジネスタイプ 輸出,製造
主要なプロダクト Couplings, Precision Bearings
プロダクトキーワード サーボ適用範囲が広いカップリング、力ロックを締め金で止める小型精密な段階
輸出市場 アフリカ,ヨーロッパ,アジア,中東,北アメリカ,オセアニア,中間および南アメリカ
比較優位 井戸および高品質制御,いろいろな設計