Wang Bao Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Best Ahead Enterprise Ltd.

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  • 国/地域: 台湾
  • 都市: 台北
  • 連絡窓口: Mrs. march
  • Tel: 886-2-27281996
  • ファクシミリ: 886-2-27285585
  • Wang Bao Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Best Ahead Enterprise Ltd.
  • Wang Bao Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Best Ahead Enterprise Ltd.
  • Wang Bao Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Best Ahead Enterprise Ltd.
会社情報 Wang Bao Enterprise Co., Ltd was established in 1988, situated in Taipei, Taiwan. With our factory based in Yunlin County, Taiwan.
We are a professional designing and manufacturer of stationery gifts. We have more than twenty years of experience in designing in mold manufacture and stationary products.
We specializes in plastic of ball pen, fountain pen, roller pen, mechanical pencil, modelling doll pen etc, also actively developing new products, including mobile phone, bag tag, modelling sharpener & doll, color pencils, finger puppet, pen holder, metal/plastic magnet and other related gifts.
We are very honored that we can design OEM products and its production for our customers.
We focus on our product's quality and uphold three concepts “ The most Reasonable Price" "Quick Production" The Highest Quality” for our customers with the most complete services.
We have been producing plastic pens for twelve years. Which in the meantime, we are authorized to sell related products for Disney here in Taiwan. At same time we also welcome any OEM items from our customer.
We own two factories in Taiwan and China and have a great production capacity and high quality control. They Specializes in products such as:
-Roller pens with guarantees of not drying up under general temperature situation within a year.
ビジネスタイプ 輸出,製造,OEM/ODM,サービス
主要なプロダクト Office & Stationery Related Services
プロダクトキーワード Roller Pen, Ball Point Pen,Pencil, Fountain Pen,Stationery Set,Pens,Metal Pen,Ball Pen,Plastic,Poly
確立される 1988
輸出市場 ヨーロッパ,アジア,中東,北アメリカ,オセアニア,中間および南アメリカ    
承認されたパートナー Disney Japan
全体スタッフのNo. 21 to 50
銘柄 Wang Bao
比較優位 井戸および高品質制御,受け入れられるOEM,新製品,顧客の設計およびロゴは歓迎されている,ギフトおよび報酬のための適合,地球友好的なプロダクト,いろいろな設計,受諾可能な小さい順序,受け入れられるODM
月例作成量 Depends on the order