Shanghai New Yaret Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

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  • 国/地域: 中国(本土)
  • 地域: 上海
  • 連絡窓口: Robert Yang
  • Tel: 86-21-57775992
  • ファクシミリ: 86-21-57776777
会社情報 Shanghai New Yaret Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is a
leading and the largest enterprise specialized in
researching, producing and selling plastic-aluminum
composite panels.

New Yaret occupies 200000 Sqm land has 100000 Sqm workshops
and warehouses and dozens of the world advanced production
lines of aluminum foil coating, APC processing, high
polymer film and protection film making with production
capacity of ACP of 30 million square meters. It boasts the
world-advanced streamline production processes and
technology in processing panels, making paint, high polymer
film and protection film with an innovative and
enterprising team of research and development. Our products
sell widely in over 70 domestic cities and export to dozens
of countries and regions across the world. Since its
establishment, Yaret introduced the world advanced
management systems and refined a set of unique management
concept and passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000 and
ISO14001 as well as ?green product? in building materials
market. It is honored with over ten prizes including ?G
olden Key? and ?Top 100 Excellent Enterprises?, etc. and ?W
ell-known Brand Enterprise in Shanghai? by various levels
of Shanghai government. China Construction and Decoration
Materials Association awarded it with ?Top 10 Flagship
Brand? by China Construction and Decoration Association and
?Customer-satisfying Quality and Service?. It is also the
standing director company of China Building Materials
Industry Association and group member company of China
Quality Inspection Association as well as draft member of
National Ministry of Construction Industry Standard. We are
making further progress to satisfy our customers? needs at
home and abroad by means of the fresh bearing, continuous
improvement and innovation and first-rate management and
hearty service.
ビジネスタイプ 輸出,製造,卸売,OEM/ODM
プロダクトキーワード アルミニウムプラスチック合成物のパネル
確立される 1991
標準化の証明 ISO9001:2000, ISO14001
輸入市場 アフリカ,ヨーロッパ,アジア,中東,中間および南アメリカ
輸出市場 アフリカ,ヨーロッパ,アジア,中東,北アメリカ,オセアニア,中間および南アメリカ    
全体スタッフのNo. 501 to 1000