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  • 国/地域: 中国(本土)
  • 地域: 湖北
  • 都市: Xianning
  • 連絡窓口: Mr. Ho
  • Tel: 86-0715-5250488
  • ファクシミリ: 86-0715-5250489
  • Hubie Puqi Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Hubie Puqi Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Hubie Puqi Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd.
会社情報 Hubei Puqi Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. (Original the Hubei Puqi Hoisting Machinery Factory) located in Chibi city, Hubei Province, China, is a large hoist and crane manufacturer and supplier, established in 1958. We are famously known as a member of the CHMIA (Chinese Heavy Machinery Industry Association), specialized in Design, Development, Produce, Sales and installation of cranes and hoists. We provide more than 1300 spec., 74 types hoists and cranes and spare parts and accessories in 10 series.
Our products:
1. CD, MD Electric Hoist(0.5-20t)
2. HC Electric Hoist(1-100t);
3. HB Explosion-proof Electric Hoist(0.5-40t)
4. PHH Chain Hoist(0.5t-32t)
5. Low Headroom Electric Hoist Trolley(0.5-20t)
6. HCZ Metallurgy Casting Electric Hoist(0.5-10t)
7. Twin lift Electric Hoist for Dam Sluice Gate(0.5-32t)
8. Electric hoist winch
9. Transporting hoist running on circular track
10. Off-standard electric hoist for special purpose, such as magnetic-insulation electric hoist; Double brake-double limit stopper electric hoist; Manual/electric hoist; Crawler hoist.
1. LDA, LX, LDP, Electric single beam crane(1-20t)
2. QD, Double girder crane
3. SXG, Crossing track crane(8-40t)
4. QZ, Electric grab bucket crane
5. HS, Double girder crane with hoists(5-50t)
6. MH, Gantry crane
7. BXD, BZD, Cantilever crane(0.5-10t)
8. JG, Suspension EOT crane(16t-50t)
9. Double track under-slung crane(5-50t)
From light crane solutions for small workshops to integrated intralogistic concepts for large manufacturers, we supply load transport solutions to meet specific customer requirements.
Our company has a long history since 1958, and has quite a number of products at leading position in crane industry. In 2005, we improved our manufacturing process to make CD1 electric hoist more suitable for our customers. The HC25 electric hoist has a lifting capacity up to 100t, it is the hoist with largest lifting capacity. Our PHH chain electric hoist is one of the most famous products, and our HC electric hoist, HS double girder electric hoist crane wined the National Science and Technology Progress Award.
Now our cranes and hoists have being exported to many parts of the world including Asia, Mid-east, Africa and have been widely recognized for competitive price, high quality, reliability, and durability.
ビジネスタイプ 製造
主要なプロダクト Hoists, Cranes
プロダクトキーワード 起重機、クレーン、起重機の付属品、クレーン付属品
確立される 1958
標準化の証明 ISO 9000
輸出パーセント 20% to 35%
輸出市場 アフリカ,アジア,中東
主要な顧客 Guang Ninh Eletric Power Plant (Vietnam) Hydro-electric Station Project( Burma) Sandon Power Plant Project (Vietnam) Zijin Mining Kyrghyzstan Project POSCO Vietnam Project Hongkong Western Railway Co.
重要 US$ 5,000,000 ~ 10,000,000
R & DのスタッフのNo. 20-50
全体スタッフのNo. 101 to 500
エンジニアのNo. 20-50
比較優位 受け入れられるOEM,顧客の設計およびロゴは歓迎されている,競争価格,いろいろな設計,受諾可能な小さい順序,受け入れられるODM