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  • 国/地域: 台湾
  • 都市: 対楠
  • 連絡窓口: Mr. Solar Lin
  • Tel: 886-6-2039918
  • ファクシミリ: 886-6-2505658
プロダクト No. 1-2 / 合計 2

Compact Mold

As good quality raw material with precising design to make best quality with competetive price at the same factory and meet custome's inqury of design quality & price with good service

主要な製品カテゴリ: 構造Tools/n.e.s。

New Vacuum System To Produce 24~30 Design Logo Lipsticks

You can promote this new vacuums system which make 24~30pcs design logo lipsticks at a time by Air, see the video of this system as belows Youtube website. '

主要な製品カテゴリ: 構造Tools/n.e.s。